ASTRID : Soprano in Concerto Absurdo

Is one singer able to sing blues, pop, musical, opera, country, rock
in one performance?
Astrid van Helden can do it!
With a beautiful voice range from 4 octaves she masters all form of song.
Is that enough?
No, Van Helden is also a great stand up comedian and big entertainer,
makes a direct contact with the audience with a her charming smile.
Van Helden is performing on large stages in The Netherlands and far abroad.
From symphonia orchestra,popband, rockband, jazzband, bluesband,
folkband in whole Europe, U.S.A.(John Clayton, Count Basie member) and even in India
with famous Indian musician she is performing with a lot of success.
But also just simple with only a piano player on stage is every performance
from Van Helden an event people will never forget.

Van Helden was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Astrid studied at the Conservatory at Utrecht, classical singing,
beside her classical singing she studied: pop, musical, latin and jazz.
In London and India, Sanskrit South Indian music.
Furthermore Van Helden studied Hebrew/Arabian music.
Van Helden is singer songwriter and a yoga teacher.

Anne Stokman (singer) was born in Amsterdam and studied classical singing at the Conservatory at Utrecht and Amsterdam.
Anne has a beautiful voice and is performing with Astrid for more than 20 years.