Astrid Elise van Helden


Astrid Elise van Helden

*Singer of Healing Sounds*

Anne Stokman, assistance & vocals


The Workshop ‘Singing, Music & Yoga as a Healing Power’ is both based on conviction and a long series of experiences.

Astrid knows that SINGING, MUSIC & YOGA is helping people with stress, diseases, sorrow and deep hurt, depression.

Already at a very young age, Astrid knew the Almighty Lord

had given her this special talent for singing to serve mankind.


Astrid van Helden has enjoyed classical singing education at the Utrechts Conservatory, The Netherlands. Astrid is a M.A. of ARTS.

Astrid van Helden’s beautiful voice has a range of four octaves and has sounded from all large stages in The Netherlands and abroad.

Her first concert was at the age of eight years old.


In her workshop ‘Singing, Music & Yoga as a Healing Power’ Astrid combines song with the operation of the chakra accompanied by tones, mantras, colours and gems,

Spiritual Insight, mudra’s, mantra’s, proper breathing techniques, the so-called pranayama, what is the Kundalini, how can you feel better with using the right music and tunes?

The workshop is for everyone who seeks Insight, Meditation and Spiritual Music and who wish to discover their own voice.

Astrid van Helden believes that everyone is able to sing but so many people are afraid to listen to their own voice and don't know how to use their voice.

To sing together with Astrid is a wonderful divine experience.


Astrid van Helden masters ALL forms of song and music.


In South India Astrid van Helden studied Kriya Yoga, SGS Ashrama at Mysore,

she recieved the name and title: Kali Mata Kalikamba


All kind of repertoire will be sung in the workshop:

Singing, Music & Yoga as a Healing Power’.

Western classical, musical, jazz, pop, latin, music from the middle east, mantra's and music from India, Egypt, Israel, Tibet and more.